Batf Industry

Batf is currently one of China's largest emulsion manufacturers and sellers, focusing its business on two categories: aqueous emulsion and aqueous adhesive.


Quality Control

To ensure product quality, Batf has engaged chemical analysis professionals from famous universities such as China Agricultural University and South China University of Technology to form a special chemical material test team. We adopt advanced testing means, import high-end test equipment from USA and Japan and establish a strict material control system from basic index test for materials, sample test, performance appraisal to sampling, incoming material and warehousing in accordance with the national and industry related test standards. The Qualified Supplier Appraisal Team composed of Technical Department, Manufacturing Department and Purchasing Department introduces selected materials from our supply partners in many countries such as Malaysia, Korea, USA and Japan. Batf establishes a strict product quality control system from supplier selection, material test control to manufacturing process control in order to ensure that the most excellent products are provided to our clients.
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( Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph )
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